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Pineapple Chunks in Coconut Flavoured Syrup


Del Monte® launches a truly tempting, innovative and versatile fruit-based dessert! Del Monte® presents 6 pineapple desserts low in fat, featuring only premium quality Del Monte® pineapple chunks from Kenya in natural fruit flavoured syrup

Del Monte® Pineapple Chunks in Coconut Flavoured Syrup is ideal any time of the day as a tempting fresh fruit snack or dessert.


Available in format : 235g.

Other flavours:
Pineapple Chunks in Ginger Flavoured Syrup Pineapple Chunks in Lemon Flavoured Syrup Pineapple Chunks in Mango Flavoured Syrup Pineapple Chunks in Vanilla Flavoured Syrup Pineapple Chunks in Bitter Almond flavoured Syrup
Available In:
Finland Netherlands Romania Spain Sweden United Kingdom
Nutrition Facts (per portion : 100 g):
Energy 72 kcal n/a
Fat 0 g n/a
of which saturates 0 g n/a
Carbs 17,5 g n/a
of which sugars 15,3 g n/a
Protein 0,3 g n/a
Salt 0 g n/a
Fiber 0,4 g n/a