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Pineapple in can awarded "Flavour of the year 2017" in France

Del Monte is pleased to announce that its Pineapple in can have been elected Flavour of The Year 2017 in France.

"Flavour of the Year" are designed to validate the quality taste of products by subjecting them to a taste assessment. During a rigorous tasting laboratory for sensory evaluation, each product is evaluated by a jury of independent consumers.


Del Monte® Pineapples in can were blindly tasted, and were described by consumers as "Very good, delicious and very juicy. Good taste of fresh pineapple, tender, not too sweet.", "Very good product, beautiful color, very crisp and very fruity, correct size of pieces."

Del Monte® Pineapples are available in slices or in chunks and are perfect for a healthy snack of for the preparation of all kind of meals.

For more information about "Saveurs de l'Année", please visit: https://www.saveurdelannee.com/.