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Del Monte® Scarily Good Fudgy Gold Pineapple Chocolate Brownies

12 serves

35 minutes

Cooking Time:
45 minutes


• 200g Dark chocolate
• 200g Dairy free spread
• 3 tbsp flax seeds
• 2 tbsp Vanilla extract
• 200g Light brown sugar
• 80g Plain flour
• 1 X 435g can Del Monte® Gold Pineapple Chunks (260g drained)
• 200g Chocolate fudge icing
• A pinch of salt


1)Make the flax eggs by whizzing flax seeds to a powder in a food processor or blender then mixing 3 tbsp of the flax seed powder with 9 tbsp water and leave in the fridge for 20-30 mins to thicken. These replace 3 eggs in a standard recipe. 2)Preheat the oven to 180c/160c fan/350f/gas mark 4. 3)Melt the chocolate and dairy free spread in a bain marie (a bowl over gently simmering water, make sure the bowl doesn't touch the water or the chocolate could seize) until melted. 4)In a large bowl whisk the flax eggs with the sugar, vanilla extract and pinch of salt until light and frothy, then add the chocolate mixture and whisk again. 5)Fold in the flour, then add most of the Gold Pineapple chunks (keep some aside for decoration) and pour the brownie batter in a lined square brownie pan. 6)Bake for 30-35 minutes. 7)Leave to cool then pop in the fridge overnight. 8)For extra luxury top with chocolate buttercream, pineapple chunks brushed with edible glitter and chocolate sprinkles. 9)Enjoy!

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