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Chicken Salad

4 serves


• 4 chicken breasts (or 1 grilled chicken)
• 1 pack of bacon
• Approximately 100g Rocket (saving a little for garnish)
• About 150-200g mixed salad
• 1 box cherry Del Monte® tomatoes
• 1 small zucchini
• 1 jar of 220g Del Monte® Sliced Pineapple in juice
• 100g black beans
• 150g feta cheese
• 3 cup sour cream
• 3 tbsp sweet & sour sauce
• Cayenne Pepper
• Salt and Pepper


1)Crispy fry the bacon into thin strips and drain on paper towels. 2)Grill or roast chicken breasts or bone from a pre-roasted chicken. 3)Cut the meat into larger pieces. Rinse the arugula and mixed salad, add to base of the bowl. 4)Let pineapple flow of - and keep the broth. 5)Rinse the beans. 6)Sprinkle sliced cherry tomatoes, pineapple, black beans, feta cheese and chicken pieces over salad leaves. 7)Top with bacon and a little arugula as a garnish. 8)For the Dressing: Mix the Sweet & Sour sauce into sour cream. Add about 1 tablespoon pineapple broth, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper taste.

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