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Christmas Kiwi Tree

0 serves


• 1 Del Monte® kiwi
• 1 pomegranate
• A dollop of yogurt


1)Peel the Del Monte® kiwis and chop into thin, circular slices. 2)Now you get to build your tree! Take your larger slices, from the middle of your kiwi to form the base; you’ll probably need four of five slices for this. Then simply layer the slices on top of each other, with larger slices at the bottom leading up to your smaller slices at the top. 3)Once the tree is complete, you’re ready to decorate it. Take your whole pomegranate, slice it and then scoop out the seeds. Scatter the pomegranate seeds all over the tree, these are your baubles. 4)For the finishing touch drizzle or dollop some yogurt on your tree so it looks like your tree is covered in snow.

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