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Christmas Orange Snowmen

0 serves


• 5 Del Monte® oranges
• A handful of cloves
• 6 sticks - like chopsticks for example
• A few pieces of paper or scraps of material
• Glue
• 2 bottle stops
• Black paint
• 1 piece of card


1)Place three oranges on top of each other and then skewer them through the middle with one of your sticks, this will form your big snowman. Do this again but with your remaining two oranges, this will form your little snow man. 2)Give the snowmen arms by adding a further two sticks to each torso, for the big snowman the arms should go in the 2nd orange, and for the little snowman the arms need to be added to the first orange - the base of your little snowman. 3)Now for the fun part – decoration! Using the cloves, all you need to do is pierce the orange with the cloves, creating the snowman’s face and buttons for his coat. 4)Using either patterned paper or plain paper that you can colour in, cut out some mittens and attach them to each of the snowmen’s arms. Then cut out the pattern for a scarf, or use some scrap material. 5)Finally, to make the snowmen’s hats you’ll need to draw a circle bigger than your bottle tops on your card, you can either use black card or colour it in. Next stick your bottle top to your circle cut out, and paint your bottle top to match the card. Then pop some glue on the bottom of the hat and then stick in to the head of your snowman.

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