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Christmas Strawberry Santas

0 serves


• A punnet of strawberries
• 1 Can of squirty cream
• A bag of Del Monte® raisins


1)Wash and wipe your strawberries. 2)Slice the top of your strawberry off – you don’t want it to be too big or too small, as this is going to be Santa’s hat. 3)Chop off the stem of your strawberry, leaving the strawberry with a flat bottom so that it will be able to stand. 4)Then squirt a dollop of cream on top of the large section of the strawberry. 5)Now take the top of your strawberry, Santa’s hat, and put it on top of the squirty cream. 6)Next take two of your raisins and place them in the squirty cream to make Santa’s eyes. 7)For the finishing touches using your squirty cream, add a pom to Santa’s hat, a line to mark the bottom of his fur lined hat, and snow white buttons for his red coat.

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