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Fruity Tuna Salad Pita Sandwich

4 serves


• 1 hard-boiled egg, diced
• 1 tsp fresh Del Monte® lemon juice
• Dash of black pepper
• 9oz can of tuna in water, drained
• Cooking spray
• ¼ cup diced Del Monte® celery
• ¼ cup raisins
• 2 tbsp minced Del Monte® green onions
• 3 tbsp reduced-fat mayonnaise
• 1 tbsp Dijon mustard
• 1 cup Del Monte® Gold® Extra Sweet Pineapple, diced
• 2 (6-inch) whole-wheat pitas, cut in half
• 1 ¼ cups torn Del Monte® Bibb lettuce
• 8 Del Monte® tomato slices, 1/4-inch-thick


1)Sprinkle the lemon juice and pepper over tuna. 2)Combine tuna, diced egg, celery, and the next 5 ingredients (celery through pineapple) in a bowl. 3)Line each pita half with 1/3 cup lettuce and 2 tomato slices. Divide the tuna mixture evenly among pita halves.

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