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Vanilla Tartlets with tangerine

8 serves


• 1 puff pastry
• Icing sugar
• Butter for brushing
• 200g Philadelphia cheese
• 2tbsp icing sugar
• 1tbsp vanilla sugar
• Lime peel from 1 lime
• 312g Del Monte® tangerines
• 1dl jam (orange or apricot)


1)Put the oven on 180 degrees. 2)Split the puff pastry in desired size. 3)Then put it on a tin with greaseproof paper on. Melt butter in a pan and brush the puff pastry. 4)Dust with icing sugar. Bake the pastry for about 10-14 minutes, let cool. 5)Pour the Del Monte® mandarins in a colander and let them drain thoroughly. Stir the custard. 6)Spread the cream on the cold bottoms. Add the Del Monte® mandarins. 7)Heat jam into a pot so that it becomes runny. Brush marmalade on mandarins.

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