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100% Juice Orange Lolly


Del Monte® uses nothing but the finest fruits and juices to create a product range that is both low in fat and in calories.

Del Monte® 100% Juice lolly is a healthy delicious ice refreshment made with 100% pure fruit juice, containing only 73 calories per lolly.

*May contain traces of milk

Other flavours:
100% Juice Pineapple Lolly Fruitini
Available In:
Italy Malta Spain United Kingdom
Nutrition Facts (per portion : 100 g):
Energy 97 kcal 4,9%
Fat < 0,1 g < 0,1%
of which saturates < 0,1 g < 0,1%
Carbs 23,1 g 8,9%
of which sugars 23,1 g 25,7%
Protein 0,9 g 1,8%
Salt < 0,1 g < 1%
VitaC n/a n/a
Fiber < 0,1 g n/a