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Tomato Passata Rustica


Made from the fresh Del Monte® Italian tomatoes, this passata range offers delicious sweet flavour, red and velvety consistency, ideal for preparing delicious sauces. 

Discover all our flavours and get seduced by the sweet flavour, brillant red and velvety consistency of Del Monte® passata.


Available in format : 690g

Other flavours:
Tomato Passata Original
Available In:
Belgium France Germany Italy
Nutrition Facts (per portion : 100 g):
Energy 28 kcal n/a
Fat 0 g n/a
of which saturates 0 g n/a
Carbs 4,9 g n/a
of which sugars 4,3 g n/a
Protein 1,6 g n/a
Salt 0,4 g n/a
Fiber 1,0 g n/a