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Organic Chopped Tomatoes


Del Monte® Organic Chopped Tomatoes are cultivated, harvested and sourced from ethically, socially and environmentally responsible approved growers and cooperatives.

Del Monte® Organic Chopped Tomatoes fully conform to the Organic Chain of Custody certifications, ensuring the quality and safety of the raw material, with full traceability from farms to fork. 

Available in format : 400g

Other flavours:
Organic Passata Rustica Organic Peeled Plum Tomatoes
Available In:
Finland France
Nutrition Facts (per portion : 100 g):
Energy 19 kcal n/a
Fat 0,1 g n/a
of which saturates 0 g n/a
Carbs 3,0 g n/a
of which sugars 3,0 g n/a
Protein 1,1 g n/a
Salt 0,13 g n/a
Fiber 0,8 g n/a