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Carrot and Del Monte® prune cake with cinnamon


90 minutes


• ➡️ Cake ⬅️
• 600g of carrots
• 1 can of Del Monte® prunes, drained, pitted and chopped
• 100 g walnuts, finely chopped
• 50g of sugar
• 150g of flour
• 3 eggs
• 100g of butter
• 50g of maple syrup
• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
• 1 sachet of yeast
• ➡️ Frosting ⬅️
• 230g of cream cheese, softened
• 115g of butter, softened
• 2 tsp. of vanilla extract
• 2 cups of powdered sugar


1)Cake: preheat the oven to 180°C / 350°F / Gas level 4. 2)Grease a large mold with butter and spread the flour. 3)Put the carrots in the steamer for 15 minutes (or cook in water). 4)Add to a salad bowl the flour, sugar, maple syrup, melted butter, crushed walnuts, cinnamon, whole eggs and yeast. 5)Mash the carrots with a fork, put them in a large skillet and cook them for 10 minutes over medium heat, then add them to the salad bowl with the prunes. 6)Put the mixture in the baking pan, bake for 40 minutes. 7)Once cooled completely, frost, top with additional chopped walnuts, if desired, and serve. 8) Cream cheese frosting: mix together the cream cheese and the butter until blended well. Add vanilla extract. Add in powdered sugar and beat until smooth. Frost cake and/or layers.

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